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wall mount rack

wall mount rack

Wall Mount Rack and Wall Mount Cabinets
When you  need a full server rack or cabinet, consider our wall mount racks and wall mount cabinets.
Enclosed or open, wall mounting a rack or cabinet is a versatile choice conserving space and money. Our wall mount racks & cabinets come in dozens of sizes, heights, depths and models. Select a wall mount rack or cabinet for your server room, tight closet, over-the-desk, classroom environment, supervisor area or warehouse.

Jaunty-Fabricator Ent. Ind. Co., Ltd. .  - specialized in manufacturing enclosures, monitoring station, wall mount rack.

Address:No. 8, Lane 8 Cheng-Tai Road, Section 1, Wugu Shiang Taipei Taiwan 248
Telephone:+886-2-22960531 Fax:+886-2-22960532

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