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Server Rack 19" Cabinet Rack Open Rack Wall Mount Rack outdoor cabinet

Welcome to server rack enclosure Solutions' the Jaunty-Fabricator

  Jaunty-Fabricator International Enterprise Co., Ltd. ( Jaunty-Fabricator Enterprise Industrial Co.., Ltd. .), founded in 1999 was 12 months. By a group should express service ( Fast Service ), high-quality products ( Best Quality ) and good profit ( Nice Profit ) and customers to share founded by young people, but also because of this, we have developed the pace has been continued unabated. 

Jaunty-Fabricator (JF) Server Rack Combo Series is based on the ANSI / EIA RS-310-C, D, E, F, 19 inch / ETSI / and IEC-297-3 metric standard specifications and manufacturing and the need to pass UL and CE certification, and seismic testing ML-STD-167 , its aluminum cylinder of circular shape, can be better achieved in a rack in parallel after its desired function and easy to assemble, special design, can be widely used to monitor room, Electronics Computer room, communications information, the satellite ground station, the MRT system monitoring room, television, CTI voice 25.The inspection system, automatic control systems, network equipment, data room, CO.-LOCATION. IDC ...... and so on. 

And in order to more realistically meet domestic customer base to expand overseas market demand, Jaunty-Fabricator (JF) server rack specifications are developed by the export special DIY package, or whether it is a small amount of order and cabinet loading, its small and compact volume, the greater the big to effectively control the cost of transportation, and to keep at home and abroad can make mobility market. Via the company's own professional R & D design, the Jaunty-Fabricator (JF) server rack may 10 to 15 minutes assembled. Allows you in the shortest time to complete all the annoying work. 
Jaunty-Fabricator (JF) believe that the arrival of the year two thousand in 2009, only professional and never-ending improvement, in order to create a new era of truly belongs industrial environment, and in the 19 -inch industrial computer field, we are committed to develops and manufactures a complete range of products, covered the 1 ~ 41U of Rack-mount Chassis and Cabinet Rack , and even Internet Web Server 's architecture, we usually are increasing refinement of objectives, in addition to the network server's Intranet Hub and non- power systems, we also combine several superior quality manufacturers to jointly develop a new generation of 19" serverrack product, and look forward to our R & D technology to provide domestic customer base to bring more business opportunities in overseas markets.   

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