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42u server rack - JSNA Series
  42u server rack .The JSNA Server Cabinet series is seismic rated to satisfy the Uniform Building Code seismic zone 4 and International Building Code seismic use group III upper floor test rating requirements for protection 600 lbs of essential equipment with optional JSE floor anchor brackets. JSNA Series Server racks are designed and built to hold computers, servers, monitors, kvm switches, patch panels, network equipment, production bench test equipment and other electronic equipment. Server racks are used in a variety of industries  such as computers/technology, finance/banking, manufacturing, medical and almost any corporate setting that could benefit from vertical storage of equipment. Server racks are an extremely important component of any network. Quite often server racks are overlooked as just 'another piece of hardware' or categorized under office furniture or shelving. Finding the right server racks can increase the protection, security and ease of management of any network. Server Racks also save valuable floor space and add a professional appearance to your facility. Server Rack Size/Capacity- is one of the most important considerations, not only to make sure that the server rack has the right dimensions (height, width and depth), but also how the server racks will fit into the operating environment. This means checking the usable (inside) dimensions and the overall (outside) dimensions. You'll want to determine if freestanding, desktop or wall-mounted server racks will work best for your equipment and environment, although most server racks that house more than one server are generally freestanding. Check the weight capacity of the server rack to make sure it will work for your anticipated network equipment load. Mat. : Steel ● Accord with ANSI/EIAR-310-D DIN41491 ; PART1 、 IEC297-2 、 DIN41494 ; DART7 GB/T3047-92 standard, compatible 19”international standard, metric system standard and ELSL standard . ● Frame is made of nine style and high quality special santong, firm structure, can bear large weight . ● We use high density mesh front and back doors to ventilate dissipate heat. ● The front door use international fashion color of toughened glass door. ●.You can remove or install right and left sides-door quickly to convenient working. ● You can set ten-thousand leg-wheel and supporting let at the same time, which can convenient moving and fixture. ● Interchangeable of door hinge. ● There is rubber-cover on the top . ● Depth can adjust (unit:25mm),interval and highness of content. ●.Surface treatment: deoiling, phosphorization,electrophoresis priming, electrodusting. ● Color: computer gray and black ●.we use high quality cold steel sheet, material thickness: corner edge 2.0mm, others:1.2-1.5mm. ● International quality of console and interchangeable of fitting ● We can customize all kinds of specification and opening aperture base on customer's requirement .  Specification  :      Order Code Capacity (U) Width(mm) Depth(mm) JSNA6647 47U 600 600 JSNA6847 600 800 JSNA6947 600 900 JSNA8647 800 600 JSNA8847 800 800 JSNA8947 800 900 JSNA6642 42U 600 600 JSNA6842 600 800 JSNA6942 600 900 JSNA8642 800 600 JSNA8842 800 800 JSNA8942 800 900 JSNA6637 37U 600 600 JSNA6837 600 800 JSNA6937 600 900 JSNA8637 800 600 JSNA8837 800 800 JSNA8937 800 900   Jaunty-Fabricator not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers to solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist customers to become more competitive. As a professional Cabinet Rack supplier. We can also offer customized 19" Cabinet Rack, Server Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinet, Network Cabinet Rack, Enclosure Cabinet Rack, Server Rack Cabinets, 4 Post Cabinet Rack, Data Cabinets Rack and Zone 4 Cabinet.   JSNA-SE_Series-01-FrontView JSNA-SE_Series-02-OpenView JSNA-SE_Series-03-45AngleView     JSNA-SE_Series-04-SideView   JSNA-SE_Series-05-RearView     JSNA-SE_Series-06-RearOpenView   JSNA-SE_Series-07-45AngleRearView     JSNA-SE_Series-08-TopInnerView JSNA-SE_Series-09-Inner JSNA-SE_Series-10-BottomInner JSNA-SE_Series-11-TopView   JSNA-SE_Series-12-ZoomIn_TopView JSNA-SE_Series-13-ZoomIn       JSNA-WE_Series-01-FrontView JSNA-WE_Series-02-45AngleView   JSNA-WE_Series-03-SideView JSNA-WE_Series-04-OpenView   JSNA-WE_Series-04-RearView   JSNA-WE_Series-05-TopInner JSNA-WE_Series-06-BottomInner   JSNA-WE_Series-07-Inner JSNA-WE_Series-08-ZoomIn_TopView   JSNA-WE_Series-09-ZoomIn JSNA-WE_Series-10-TopView          
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