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TJF Series
Equipment Rack - JF Series 19" Cabinet Rack(Server Rack) Description :  Server Rack Mat. : Steel Server Rack series:19" Cabinet Rack, Server Rack, Rack Cabinets, Rack Mount Instrument, Server Racks, K/D Server Rack, Server Rack Cabinet, 19" Server Rack more..... Product Features: ● Professional and unique exterior design richer flavor of the times. ● Fits 19-inch standard, metric standard, ETSI standards (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), GB/T3047.2-92 standards. ● cabinets using heavy Yingjia main structure is curved corner cabinet enhanced body feeling. ● top with exhaust fan, left side door with inlet holes, so that air circulation within the cabinet, ensure normal operation. ● cabinet front glass door, using the press frame structure with fixed glass structure, easy replacement. ● open the back door for a single rotary door, side door was thrusting style quickly open doors, lockable, enhanced security performance. ● upper and lower set aside each channel alignment can be adjusted as needed. ● can be used in conjunction with the detachable base can also be used alone. ● Install four-sided pillar drilling, pallet height can be adjusted, but also around the flexibility to adjust for a variety of system equipment    Use of the environment to provide reasonable layout. ● The base also install casters and adjustable feet for easy movement and positioning. ● Optional static bus and ground terminals, and better protect cabinet equipment. Specification  :    Model Standard size(U) Outer Width(mm)Width Outer D(mm) TJF-41-600 41U 600 600 TJF-35-600 35U 600 600 TJF-30-600 30U 600 600 TJF-25-600 25U 600 600 TJF-15-600 15U 600 600   Dimension  :   Images  :      We have greatest experience and technique in manufacturing any kind of Server Rack, such as 19" Server Rack, Server Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinets, Server Rack Cooling, K/D Server Rack and Cabinet Server Rack. Welcome OEM / ODM partners for cooperation. Jaunty-Fabricator is a professional manufacturer offering Server Rack. Our capabilities include 19” Server Rack, Server Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinets, Server Rack Cooling, with an extensive knowledge the latest technology.
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