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19 Inch Rack Shelf

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TJF Series
Equipment Rack - JF Series 19" Cabinet Rack(Server Rack) Description :  Server Rack Mat. : Steel Server Rack series:19" Cabinet Rack, Server Rack, Rack Cabinets, Rack Mount Instrument, Server Racks, K/D Server Rack, Server Rack Cabinet, 19" Server Rack more..... Product Features: ● Professional and unique exterior design richer flavor of the times. ● Fits 19-inch standard, metric standard, ETSI standards (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), GB/T3047.2-92 standards. ● cabinets using heavy Yingjia main structure is curved corner cabinet enhanced body feeling. ● top with exhaust fan, left side door with inlet holes, so that air circulation within the cabinet, ensure normal operation. ● cabinet front glass door, using the press frame structure with fixed glass structure, easy replacement. ● open the back door for a single rotary door, side door was thrusting style quickly open doors, lockable, enhanced security performance. ● upper and lower set aside each channel alignment can be adjusted as needed. ● can be used in conjunction with the detachable base can also be used alone. ● Install four-sided pillar drilling, pallet height can be adjusted, but also around the flexibility to adjust for a variety of system equipment    Use of the environment to provide reasonable layout. ● The base also install casters and adjustable feet for easy movement and positioning. ● Optional static bus and ground terminals, and better protect cabinet equipment. Specification  :    Model Standard size(U) Outer Width(mm)Width Outer D(mm) TJF-41-600 41U 600 600 TJF-35-600 35U 600 600 TJF-30-600 30U 600 600 TJF-25-600 25U 600 600 TJF-15-600 15U 600 600   Dimension  :   Images  :      We have greatest experience and technique in manufacturing any kind of Server Rack, such as 19" Server Rack, Server Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinets, Server Rack Cooling, K/D Server Rack and Cabinet Server Rack. Welcome OEM / ODM partners for cooperation. Jaunty-Fabricator is a professional manufacturer offering Server Rack. Our capabilities include 19” Server Rack, Server Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinets, Server Rack Cooling, with an extensive knowledge the latest technology.
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SJF Series
SJF Series 19 Cabinet Server Rack Description :  K/D Server Rack /SJF Series Server Rack Size/Capacity- is one of the most important considerations, not only to make sure that the server rack has the right dimensions (height, width and depth), but also how the server racks will fit into the operating environment. This means checking the usable (inside) dimensions and the overall (outside) dimensions. You'll want to determine if freestanding, desktop or wall-mounted server racks will work best for your equipment and environment, although most server racks that house more than one server are generally freestanding. Check the weight capacity of the server rack to make sure it will work for your anticipated network equipment load. Server racks are designed and built to hold computers, servers, monitors, kvm switches, patch panels, network equipment, production bench test equipment and other electronic equipment. Server racks are used in a variety of industries such as computers/technology, finance/banking, manufacturing, medical and almost any corporate setting that could benefit from vertical storage of equipment. Server racks are an extremely important component of any network. Quite often server racks are overlooked as just 'another piece of hardware' or categorized under office furniture or shelving. Finding the right server racks can increase the protection, security and ease of management of any network. Server Racks also save valuable floor space and add a professional appearance to your facility. Server racks come in a wide variety of preconfigured sizes, shapes and designs. Some options might include features such as power / surge strips, fans, casters and glass doors. Server racks can typically be adapted with adjustable shelves and other components to hold and protect your specific equipment. Server racks can also be custom ordered and built to your exact specifications. Server racks generally appear pretty similar and have a fairly narrow range of features and functions, but there are some important differences among server racks that you should consider when making a purchase decision. Mat. : Aluminum Cabinet Rack series:19" Cabinet Rack, Server Rack, Rack Cabinets, Rack Mount Instrument, Server Racks, K/D Server Rack more.....   Product Features: ● Production based on ANSI / EIARS-310-C, D, E, F standards by UL & CE certification, as well as MIL-STD-167 standards. ● Using aluminum extrusion aluminum aluminum as the main pillar column , made of : AL6063T5. ● Activities aluminum columns can be arbitrarily set located in front of the cabinet in order to achieve the actual demand ; when extended to outside the cabinet depth 900mm, deep within    Remained 750mm. Their holes meet ANSI / EIA RS-310C specs, with shrapnel nut adjustable Server,    Vertical position . ● group tempered glass front and back doors and turn off cellular Confucian style to choose from, along with hidden locks and keys or password lock. ● standard with six -hole strip a group , and the other can be installed grounding copper strips , each panel screws attached to the chassis 50 groups and 50 groups of shrapnel nuts . ● Jia Feng cabinet series are all using electrostatic powder coating paint , the advantages of dust , oxidation resistance, easy to scratch , acid ; standard Yan    Color : IBM white, sand black series. ● If the width of the cabinet to be extended to 630mm , the active aluminum column maintained at 19 inches in width. ● side installation is freely removable , just hands down the fastener , side panels and the cabinet body naturally separated without the use of any tools. ● front and back doors . Sides and upper and lower frame appearance without screws or nuts and other parts which affect the overall appearance . ● top of the cabinet comes standard with two groups outside pumping fan , Customers may need to install the fan groups. ● Use the right angle connector key is used to connect the chassis and floor as fixed to the rack with screws through the raised floor lock on the cement floor to achieve shock effect . Model Size:   Dimensions:       ● equipped with a brake wheel, making the cabinet is not easy due to external and shaking, and the other horizon screws can be installed in order to maintain the balance of the cabinet.
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EKDO-2 Post Series
EKDO-2 Post Series JF is one of the leading rack cabinet and server rack manufacturers based in the Taiwan. We supply rack cabinets and server cabinets to the datacoms, telecoms and internet administration industries both in the Taiwan and throughout Europe. As all our rack cabinets and server racks are manufactured to order at our Taiwan facility, we are able to offer unrivalled flexibility whilst quality and value for money are guaranteed.   EKDO-2_Post_Series_130x355.jpg   EKDO-2_Post_Series_360x983.jpg EKDO-2_Post_Series_DSC02471s.jpg EKDO-2_Post_Series_DSC02652s.jpg
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