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Operation Instruction of Temperature Control Unit

Operation Instruction of Temperature Control Unit

Operation Instruction of Temperature Control Unit
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Operation Instruction of Temperature Control Unit

Operation Instruction of Temperature Control Unit
Temperature control unit is used for controlling temperature of inner cabinet mainly
with features of high reliability, easy operation. Meanwhile, it has other warning
functions such as alarm for reaching max temperature limit, outputting, sensor fault
alarm, etc.

I. The specification and technical parameter
* Running environment: -5oC~50oC
* Relative humidity:20%~85%(dew don’t be formed)
* Main technical parameter
The voltage of the power: 220 VAC±10% (110VAC is optional)
* Measuring Scale: 0oC~50oC
* Capacity of connective point of relay: 7A/250 VAC
* Span of control: 0oC~50oC
*Precision of controlling and measuring: ±1oC

II. Surface dimension and explanation of each part
1. temperature controller
2. switch
3. power input
4. sensor tie-in (connect)
5. power output (1)
6. power output (2)

III. Connection /wiring Steps
1. Connect the temperature sensor to the sensor of temperature controlling unit.
2. Connect the outside power to the power plug of temperature controlling unit with
special cable

IV. Operation
When complete all the connection steps above and confirm the connection is ok, then
turn on the switch on the temperature controller and adjust the control parameter to
appropriate temperature.

V. Operation of the temperature controller
1. Look over and set parameter
(1)Look over parameter. Under the state of non-setting, pressing key ▲ show setting
value of temperature. Pressing key ▼ display the different between the present
temperature and temperature located, 2 seconds later, the screen will show the
present temperature.

(2)Set parameter
* method of entering into the state of customer setting: under not-setting state. Press
“SET” key longer than 5 seconds to enter customer state of setting up, setting
indicator to be on and to show the temperature at present.
* method of temperature setting :under the state of customer setting , press ▲
upwards or ▼downwards to adjust the temperature .Press one time to adjust 1
degree. It will be changed into rapid adjusting after pressing on it over 2 seconds.
*The method of exit from the state of customer setting Press SET key 5 seconds or
no any operation within 30 second under state of customer setting, system will store
current setting, value and return to normal working condition.
*Method of entering administrator’s menu: under state of non-setting, pressing “SET”
and ▲over 5 seconds at the same time to enter administrator’s menu Then setting
light will be on to show the item: F1 to setting.
*The method of altering setting items and entering into state of parameter setting:
Under setting state, press ▲ upward or ▼ downward to adjust item from F0 to F1.

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