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NETWORK RACK -Eric Series 19" Cabinet Rack(Server Rack)
ERIC Series Server Rack Cabinet, constructed of heavy duty steel for the ultimate server rack strength and stability. Our parts are machine finished and powder coated for extended use and wear.
Model:Eric Series
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Eric Series 19" Cabinet Rack(Server Rack)

Description : 
ERIC Series Server Rack Cabinet, constructed of heavy duty steel for the ultimate server rack strength and stability. Our parts are machine finished and powder coated for extended use and wear. Vertical Mounting Rails offer a square hole universal mount (EIA-310) for any brand server. Front to Rear Airflow is achieved with our unique Glass/Perforated Front Door, and Fully Perforated Rear Door with additional venting on Top. Our Server Rack Cabinets are value packed with 6 Mounting Rails, Locked Doors & Sides, Heavy Duty Casters, Cage Nut Hardware, Cable Management and are Shipped Fully Assembled

Mat. : Aluminum
Cabinet Rack series:19" Cabinet Rack, Server Rack, Rack Cabinets, Rack Mount Instrument, Server Racks, K/D Server Rack more.....

Product Features:
● Production based on ANSI / EIARS-310-C, D, E, F standards by UL & CE certification, as well as MIL-STD-167 standards.
● Using aluminum extrusion aluminum aluminum as the main pillar column , made of : AL6063T5.
● Activities aluminum columns can be arbitrarily set located in front of the cabinet in order to achieve the actual demand ; when extended to outside the cabinet depth 900mm, deep within
   Remained 750mm. Their holes meet ANSI / EIA RS-310C specs, with shrapnel nut adjustable Server vertical position .
● group tempered glass front and back doors and turn off cellular Confucian style to choose from, along with locks and keys Hyperlink Tibetan or password lock.
● standard with six -hole strip a group , and the other can be installed grounding copper strips , each panel screws attached to the chassis 50 groups and 50 groups of shrapnel nuts .
● If the cabinet must extend to 630mm Width , the active aluminum column maintained at 19 inches Width .
● front and back doors . Sides and upper and lower frame appearance without screws or nuts and other parts which affect the overall appearance ; cabinet above the standard with two
   Groups outside pumping fan , Customers may install the fan group needs .
● side installation is freely removable , just hands down the fastener , side panels and the cabinet body naturally separated without additional use of any tools
   , With multiple cabinets in parallel , neat , beautiful, to make room lower maintenance costs.
● with Internet connection , wiring space reserved for left and right side , reduce maintenance and increase management efficiency ; bottom plate for the multi-piece modular , easy
   Extended conversion and demolition .
● Jia Feng cabinet series are all using electrostatic powder coating paint , the advantages of dust , oxidation resistance, easy to scratch , acid ; standard colors :
   IBM white, sand black series.
● Use the right angle connector key is used to connect the chassis and floor as fixed to the rack with screws through the raised floor lock on the cement floor to achieve shock effect .

● equipped with a brake wheel , making the cabinet is not easy due to external and shaking , and the other horizon screws can be installed in order to maintain the balance of the cabinet .


Specification  :  


Standard size(U)

Outer Width (mm)Width

Outer D(mm)







Outside the high free wheel high( 85mm), 1U= 1.75 Inch= 44.45mm

Dimension  :  
19"Cabinet Rack

Images  :  
proimages/19_Cabinet_Rack/Eric_Series_1.jpg proimages/19_Cabinet_Rack/Eric_Series_2.jpg proimages/19_Cabinet_Rack/Eric_Series_3.jpg

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We also design and manufacture new models / products according to buyer's request. 
Your any requirement is welcome.

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